Posted by: tiggerproject | May 7, 2012

The Journey Begins

Welcome to the Tigger Project!  Are you ready to feel more alive, vibrant and joyful?  Tigger, the bouncy character from Winnie the Pooh, embodies a playful, light-hearted and abundantly confident way of being that delights in life.  You have met “Tigger-esque” people, haven’t you?  They simply radiate joy and positivity even when circumstances are challenging.  These powerful individuals have the transformative ability to alter moods and uplift those around them (even the surly, curmudgeonly types).  Tiggers offer exuberance, positivity and “joie de vivre” that is truly inspiring.

On these pages you are encouraged to join me in a process of having more fun and experiencing greater wellness.  We are here to live life by design rather than default.  When we feel peace, abundance and perfect joy, we radiate our positivity outward like beacons.  The effect of our moods, actions and words can stay with another person for a day, a week, months and years.  When I get hijacked by a foul mood (often caused by poor sleep, nutrition or stinkin’ thinkin’) I know that it impacts others in a negative way.  The questions we all need to ask ourselves are: What kind of impact do I want to have?  What am I contributing to others? Am I leading my optimal life?

Personally, I am in a state of re-invention.  As I write this, I have a lot of uncertainty in my life.  I called off a wedding just a few months ago and I also lost my job.  My family has been upset with me for withdrawing from them during these past few months.  Clearly, the times I’m going through are more than difficult, but I accept responsibility for my part in creating these experiences.  The Universe called me to change and I’m answering the call.  2012 may bring significant changes to your life as it has to mine.  How you choose to navigate those circumstances is up to you.

If you join me in the journey of personal transformation, you will be encouraged to live a juicy life.  The Tigger Project is simply a metaphor for cultivating joy, wellness, and vitality.  Courage is required!

In health and radiance,


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