Posted by: tiggerproject | May 12, 2012

Designing a compelling future

In order to design a compelling future and live powerfully in the present moment, it is an absolute necessity to complete the past.  We are shaped by past events but we do not have to be ruled by them.  The most powerful human beings take ugly situations and use them to teach, lead and inspire others.  Our pain often comes from believing a circumstance shouldn’t have happened the way it did or replaying alternate scenarios.  As a result we feel completely disempowered.  But taking a journey towards authentic happiness by slapping on a smile and leaving our past incomplete, is like taking poop and covering it up with ice cream.  Making peace with our past is the breakthrough we need to create anew.

If you’re feeling stuck or unresolved in any area of your life, I’d like to recommend a three-day experience called the Landmark Forum that will radically change your life  for the better by offering you a powerful new perspective.   The $500 cost of the course was completely worth every penny as what I got out of it back in 2010 remains 100% priceless today.  Knowing how powerful a great workshop like this can be, I’m looking for one that meets my criteria of “re-invention.”  Tony Robbins is one of my idols, and what is truly calling me is his week-long retreat called “Date with Destiny.” He is offering this retreat in December 2012 in Palm Springs, CA but unlike Landmark Education’s programs, the price tag is staggering.  If I want to go, it’s going to require some extreme creativity on my part.


  1. I experienced the Landmark Forum 15 years ago in Bloomington, MN. Eye opening at the time…contributed to who I am today.

    • Hi Shelly!
      Do you feel comfortable sharing how Landmark transformed your life? What was created out of your experience? What are you creating or re-committed to creating now?
      To your health & joy,

      • At the time way back then I was really insecure and unsure of myself. A couple of my friends from Shaklee had gone through the course and so I wanted to do it. My husband actually took it after me.

        It was the introduction to detachment that I’m continuing to practice with fervor now.
        I remember an exercise we did about pain. How it’s all in our mind. I had forgotten that! Also, the phrase “Get off it” is one that reminds me of Landmark. I don’t remember too much about it except that it WAS a good experience. I had to confront a lot of fears at that time. It really was a precursor to what I’m practicing with mindfulness today. I really hadn’t thought much about it these past years until I saw it in your post! I wish I’d kept all of the information that I got from that time. It may be around here somewhere…

        I am committed to creating an atmosphere of peace, calm, hope, and love for myself inside and out. I’m doing some very concentrated work on my thinking and experience especially when I’m in the midst of a bipolar episode. Slowly but surely…

        Thanks for your blog.

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