Posted by: tiggerproject | May 20, 2012

The Mind-Body-Spirit Detox Cleanse

Cleansing is a hot word these days, but it’s necessary given the pollution, chemicals and over stimulation we are exposed to from our food and beauty products, to our technology and media. If you’re going to live in authentic happiness, a multi-faceted “detox” will help your clarity, focus and vitality. While Spring is typically the season for new beginnings and cleansing, this detox can be started at anytime. I’ve created this template to live by for the next 30 days and will let you know what results I have. If you take this on, I would love to hear from you as well!


An organized, de-cluttered home is the outward manifestation of a clear and focused mind. For the next 30 days, engage in the re-organization of your home environment. Since this can be a daunting task, break the work into chunks by cleaning out a closet, shelf, drawer or room each day. If the items you are organizing aren’t contributing to the beauty and joy in your life, donate them or throw them away. I have already given away three bags of clothes! If you’re not wearing that cute top you purchased on sale, or you’re holding onto your skinny jeans from 10 years ago because you hope they’ll fit someday, it’s time for them to go. They represent an old version of you that no longer exists.

Once you’ve done the work of cleaning out the old items and organizing what you have, it’s time for the spiritual cleanse of your home. On a piece of paper, write your intentions of what you would like to create in your “new” space. Family harmony? Restful sleep? Making room for a new relationship? Whatever it is, write it down and then burn it (a metal pot works nicely). After your intentions have been offered, burn some white sage (you can find some at Whole Foods) and walk through your entire house holding your intentions in your mind and allowing the smoke to clear away any negative energy. I suggest you do this with all your windows open so you don’t set off any smoke alarms. Once the sage burning is over, take a bell or singing bowl to re-calibrate the energy to a high vibration. If you don’t have a bell, clapping (yes clapping) works just as well. Clap into the corners of your rooms as energy can get stuck there. Next, take a bowl of water and add some sea salt. Since your hands are instruments of love, dip your hand in the water and sprinkle your “love water” around the house. Again, your intention is everything. Finish up your cleanse by either burning sweet grass or spraying a scented room spray. Sweet grass is used for bringing in positive energy and smells a heck of a lot better than sage.


The body cleanse is simple yet difficult for many. We inherently know that the afternoon potato chips aren’t the best choice. A true cleanse requires mental fortitude as well as the highest degree of self love. If you’re reading this, you are probably the type of person that wants the most out of life. However, loving life includes being a loving contribution to others. How can we truly love others, when we don’t love ourselves? Therefore, to embark on a nutritional cleanse, I encourage you to commit to yourself. You will definitely “lighten up” by losing weight, but a more profound reason is to become WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

Be advised that cleansing the body brings out interesting reactions in other people. When you are not drinking alcohol or partaking in sharing the same foods you used to, the fear it can elicit in others is amusing. I remember a few years ago when I decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle, a co-worker of mine got very angry when our employers gave us free ice cream and I refused to have some. When I told him I had given up dairy, he told me that it was the “stupidest thing he had ever heard.” I was surprised by his reaction but shrugged it off. The next day, my co-worker came to find me to apologize. To his credit, he is very self-aware and said, “I asked myself why I had reacted so angrily and then it hit me that I felt my own way of eating being threatened.” If family or friends criticize or attempt to sabotage your efforts, realize that it’s about their fear and insecurity. There will always be critics. Be kind and love yourself anyway.

Okay…for the next 30 days, I will be following the Paleo Diet. On this plan, I eliminate sugar, processed food, grains and dairy. I strongly believe in the purity and health benefits of raw living foods so my detox includes a daily green juice, wheatgrass shot and large salad. Fruit, vegetables, lean and organic protein (animal & plant), nuts and seeds are allowed. It should go without saying that alcohol is a no-no, but I’ve built in a “cheat night” where I can have a glass of wine. Otherwise, hydrate with water and herbal tea. You need to honor what your body needs and learn to nourish it with foods that make you feel vital and light.

Don’t forget to sweat! Exercise is a key component of the 30 day detox. Besides a toned physique and improving cardiovascular fitness, your skin is the largest organ of your body and elimates toxins through sweat. I prefer to get my workouts in by doing a combination of CrossFit, running and cardio classes. I really like variety. Whatever you choose doesn’t matter, just get moving!


In our fast paced culture, we really do forget to stop and smell the proverbial roses. In these next 30 days, I urge you to pamper yourself with a combination of quiet, relaxation, and fun. Practice loving kindness with yourself so you can offer it to others. When our own tanks are full, we are better able to give.

If you have Tigger-y friends, this is the time to schedule some time to hang out. It’s important to laugh and connect with buddies who make you feel good. It should go without saying, but there is no need to spend time with those who enjoy venting or gossiping – or who bring it out in you.  Last night I was out in NYC with three of my best girlfriends.  We went out to dinner and a Broadway show: The Book of Mormon.  I laughed so hard that I was crying at certain parts.  The fact that I got to share that experience with my girlfriends and laugh alongside them was very special.  Spending time with them turned me around after a few days of feeling less than Tigger like.  It just goes to show that feelings of love and connection truly elevate mood.

Since I felt like I fell off my happiness wagon last week, I have decided that I’m going to add a 30 day practice of keeping a Gratitude Journal as well as watching (or listening) to Abraham-Hicks.  If you haven’t listened to the positive words of Abraham speaking through Esther Hicks, there is really nothing better to get you in the spirit of allowing and “finding the better feeling thought.”  It’s powerful stuff.

Happy Cleansing!



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