Posted by: tiggerproject | May 24, 2012

Getting into “The Vortex”

Abraham-Hicks, author of “Ask and It Is Given” and “The Vortex” describes The Vortex as the space of total alignment where one feels “tapped in and turned on.”  In this state, our thoughts and feelings are all in vibrational harmony which means there is no resistance to our desired creations.  We not only have belief about something, we also feel good when we think about it.  It’s that magical zone we live in when we’re in love, completely enthralled in an activity, or simply feel appreciation and/or elated anticipation.   We all know this wonderful state because we have moments, hours, days and even weeks when we reside there.

We also know the discomfort of being outside of The Vortex.  The moment we’re feeling worry, fear, frustration or judgment, we’ve thrown ourselves out.  Negative feelings are the indicator that we are out of alignment.  Abraham teaches that the more we focus on our “issues” (not enough $, no relationship, poor health etc) the farther we get away from the very thing we want.

So if we have a genuine desire to live in authentic happiness, how do we get into The Vortex?  Abraham says we must focus on the things that bring us joy and light us up.

One activity that puts me in the vortex very easily is oil painting.  I enjoy it so much that I can focus for hours without thinking about anything else.  It’s completely Zen and very meditative for me.  As I was listening to one of my Abraham-Hicks recordings, I decided that it was time to use painting to put me back into The Vortex.  I hadn’t picked up my paintbrushes in over a year so yesterday I signed up for a landscape painting class that started today.  It felt so good to be painting again (I stayed an extra two hours past class time) and my instructor is a doll.  It really filled my spirit with so much peace.

What do you enjoy doing that makes you feel complete joy and harmony?  If you don’t know what it is, try something new!  I tried a Zumba class for the first time about a month ago and I’m totally hooked!  It’s the most fun 60-minutes of exercise that I’ve ever had.  It’s so enlivening that it doesn’t feel like exercise at all (unlike Crossfit for example).

To be a Tigger and feel exhilaration and inspiration, you must change your state by getting in The Vortex.  Do something today that makes you smile.  It can be as simple as playing with your child, petting your cat or going for a walk.  As a result, you will temporarily turn your focus away from other topics that make you cranky and disheartened.  Your life is waiting to be lived and enjoyed…



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