Posted by: tiggerproject | June 14, 2012


“Life will pay any price you ask of it.” – Tony Robbins

What is the difference between getting a result you desire and the reality of the circumstance?  It’s all about your standard and expectation in this area of your life.  We definitely like to live in our stories about why a particular area is a way it is.  If you tell yourself that you have tried everything and nothing has worked to shift this area, this simply isn’t true.  You might have tried a handful of things, but not everything.  Since the Tigger Project is all about rewriting and reinventing a new story, decide which area needs your attention today.

You know there are areas in your life that absolutely MUST be held to a certain standard.  Perhaps you have a standard for cleanliness or the quality of food you buy.  I know people who absolutely must exercise every day.  This is not a negotiable thing for them.  As a result, they have earned a strong, athletic physique and tend to make healthier choices.  What if YOU decided to set a higher standard in an area that displeases you?  Is your romantic relationship less than stellar?  How is your weight?  What about the state of your finances?  What new standard could you set, if your excuses were set aside?

As you take a stand for living your best life, tackle those ridiculous notions that you are unworthy and unlovable.    People that consistently sabotage their weight loss efforts or bank accounts are operating from negative belief systems.  When you start embodying the inner truth that your real self is radiant, worthy, valuable and loving, your outer world will begin to reflect this truth in magical ways.

Invest in yourself.  Get in touch with what that investment looks like.  Perhaps it’s promising yourself time for a workout and even hiring a trainer to get you on a plan.  It could be a seminar or a certification in something new.  If you’re a workaholic and don’t have enough fun, maybe it’s time for a well deserved vacation – even if it’s solo. Do you have a passion or hobby? There are creative ways to combine your interests (cycling, painting, cooking, volunteering, yoga) with vacations.  Don’t have enough money and want to be debt free?  Taking a stand could be meeting with a financial advisor and taking control of your finances.  Have a lot of areas you’re working on? Hire a life coach.

If you would like assistance in a particular area of your life and you’re ready to make a shift, I am seeking practice clients (no charge) while I work on my coaching certifications.  Please contact me at to schedule an appointment via telephone or Skype.

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