Posted by: tiggerproject | August 21, 2012

Three Simple Ways to Feel Better

Dear Tiggers,

I have learned a powerful tool that will help you beat the blues faster than you can say, “I’m bummed.”   If you’re feeling angry, sad or disconnected, here are three very simple steps to feel better immediately:

Step 1:  Change Your Physiology.

Imagine a time you felt really proud of yourself.  Freeze frame.  What were you doing in that position of power?  How did you stand, breathe or hold your body? I’m going to guess that you were standing tall, holding your head up high with hands raised in victory.  Think of an Olympian winning gold and put yourself in that same state.  Fist-pumping is going to change your physiology faster than curling up in the fetal position.  It’s not cheesy.  Think about it.  We do certain things with our body and facial features when we practice negative emotion.  Changing your physiology is as simple as going for a walk, breathing deeply, working out or dancing around the house naked (yep, that’s a good one).  If you could remember a happy moment, a silly moment, a sexy moment or a time you reached a goal, would it put a smile on your face? Okay, now that you’re smiling…

Step 2:  Change Your Focus

What you’re thinking about is creating a negative feeling.  And chances are you’ve gotten into a pattern where you feel powerless to change a situation.  Um hello…you are not stuck!  Let’s think about a goal or desire you have.  How are you going to feel when you have this goal?  Now imagine that you already have it.  Let’s play pretend…you did it as a kid all the time…and it’s fun!

In all seriousness, something that helps is practicing gratitude.  Make a list of all the blessings in your life.  If this is really hard and you’re caught up in gloom, you might need a more radical approach.  Go immediately to your local homeless shelter or hospital and volunteer to help someone in a much worse position than you.  You have forgotten that your life is a gift and that you are here to shine your light.  Stop the pity party.  It makes you ugly.

Step 3:  Change Your Language

Speak your desired world into being.  We humans just LOVE to connect over tragedies, miseries and gossip.  Somehow there’s a sense that it makes us more interesting.  Instead of talking about what went wrong, talk about what you’d like to create.  Share your goals and possibilities with others.  You will be surprised who wants to support you, cheer you on and offer to help in some way.   In addition, create a powerful mantra: a statement that boldy declares who you are.  Consider it your personal mission statement.  Mine is a bit long, but goes something like:  “I embody vibrant, radiant health.  I am beautiful, loving, sexy and kind.  Every day in every way, I feel stronger and stronger.”  As I’m running and repeating my mantra over and over, it has a cadence to it that keeps me going for miles!  You can repeat yours while walking, running or driving in your car.  Who cares if people think you’re a crazy person talking to yourself, just go for it!

Let me know how this works for you.

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