Harbor seals at La Jolla, CA

Harbor seals at La Jolla, CA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My 2012 had a rough beginning.  My wedding was called off followed by a job termination.  Although it all seemed ugly and messy, I knew the Universe was smacking me upside the head to wake up.  The idea for this blog was born while watching Harbor seals bask in the sun of LaJolla, California in March 2012.  I had flown out there from the east coast to attend a weekend event for triathletes a week after being laid-off from my job.  I went thinking the change of scenery would offer up a new perspective.  It did.As I watched the seals playing and relaxing, I was filled up by their joy.  They were completely in the moment and I was touched by their sweet intimacy all cuddled up  keeping each other safe, comfortable and warm.  When had life become so serious?  Where was my playful spirit?  Could I be that warm and intimate with others?  Was it possible to truly live into and savor each moment? How we decide to use the time we have, and whether we can use it to love and live more fully is up to us.

The Tigger Project is simply a metaphor for the journey we are taking towards generating authentic power and joy while we walk the Earth.  Tigger, the enthusiastic character from Winnie the Pooh represents the joie de vivre that lives in all of us because life is a gift.  Here’s to treading more lightly and living largely.


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